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FOR ALL OF Your Contracting / development needs


New Day Development, Inc. will guide and facilitate the construction process to completion of your project.

Today, the competition is stronger than ever in the construction industry. You need to have an understanding that the quality you are expecting and the cost you are willing to pay are typically not on the same path.

The decision to move forward with your construction project, is one of the most important and life changing events that you will ever do.

So with that being said –

Without proper knowledge and an understanding when requesting bids, you must be ready and willing to know that you will receive numbers that are all over the place and truly will never know what the true number is for the work that you are expecting. It is best stated that when requesting bids that they all be similar (Apples to Apples)

Here are some items that you should consider and or already have in place when requesting bids…

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