Louis Krokover

President & CEO NewDay Development, Inc.

I was born in Van Nuys, California on August 26, 1952

In attended several colleges between 1970 through 1983 and earned degrees in – Child Psychology, Theater Arts/Sound Engineering, Real Estate Management (Construction Business) and Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Equineology.
I served with honor between 1972 thru 1974, as a medical corpsman for both the US Navy SEAL’s and US Marine Corp Special Forces Recon units.

I am a third generation general contractor who has lived most of his life in Southern California.

I have worked in this industry since I was ten years old, under the tutelage of my father.

I have been trained and worked with and in all of the trades in my industry to attain a better understanding of how their process is performed.
The original family business (TYM Construction & Development, Inc) was started by my grandfather in Beverly Hills, California 1912 and was closed in late 1992.

From 1948 until 1992 under the guidance of my father, we expanded operations and had offices under the original family name TYM Construction and Development, Inc – From 1989 through 1992 I ran the companies located in the following cities and states after the passing of my father:

Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California
San Diego, California
Huston, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Honolulu, Hawaii
Kauai, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii
Auckland, New Zealand
Sidney, Australia
Osaka, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Newday Development was founded in 1978 by my father as a subsidiary to TYM, and I took it as my sole entity in 1989 after his passing. In mid 1995, I incorporated the business, and in 2007 I added (the DBA) Newday Construction.

Do to my vast background knowledge in the industry, I have been asked to assist the following as either an advisory or board member: (Past (or) Current)

Re-build LA (Los Angeles) program
Mayor’s Council on construction relate issues for the city of Los Angeles
The United Jewish Foundation – Construction Division
California State Contractors Board
AIA – American Institute of Architects on construction for the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley chapters
VICA & Valley Economic Alliance on construction matters
Planning Departments for the City of Los Angeles regarding the Base Line and Hillside Ordinances
Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils on Land Use and Construction matters
Panel member to the Counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange on planning and land use

Further to be noted –

I have and continue to assist several top legal firms as an expert witness in construction defect and contract matters since 1994. In 1994 after the Los Angeles Earthquake, I was asked by the Mayor and his staffers to assist the city in reviewing properties that were damaged.

I have been involved in the restoration of historical buildings, repairs and remodeling to single family homes, multi-family and commercial projects, as well as to construct NEW custom projects when presented to us.

Since 1992, I have been appointed by both insurance companies and legal firms to act as their representative toward construction related claims, disputes, expert testimony and case reviews.

Since 1994, I have spoken on construction related matters as a panel member across the country.

In early September 1992, I was asked by then Governor Lawton Chiles to assist the State of Florida in updating their planning and building codes after Hurricane Andrew.

We have been presented with the following awards from our peers and industry:

In 1996 as the “Business Person of the Year” for (Los Angeles & Encino, California)
In 1996 as the “Small Business & Small Business Person of the Year” for the State of California
In 1997 as one of the “Top 1,000” General Construction firms for the entire USA by the NAHB & NARI (National Association of Home Builders & National Association of the Remodeling Industry)
In 1997 as one of the “Top 100” construction firms for California
In 1999 as of the “Top 500” construction firms for the entire USA
In 2002 as one of the “Top 101” Best Construction Companies to work for in the entire USA
In 2004 as one of the “TOP 25” Remodeling companies to work for in the entire USA
From 2009 through 2013 (Consecutively, as one of the “Top 550” Remodeling Companies in the entire USA
In 2013 as one of the “BIG 50” Remodeling Companies for the entire USA
In 2013 we were inducted into the Contractors Hall of Fame
America’s Top Remodelers – Professional Remodeler’s 2013

Newday specializes in CUSTOM QUALITY work, carrying on a family tradition and has proven to be a major player in the construction industry for more than 100 years.

We are highly respected within our industry and our clients gain from our knowledge and high quality standards.

We continually strive to set the bar higher at every turn on every project.

We are a TEAM player working on behalf of our clients from start to finish.

Our projects range in size from as small as a residential bathroom remodel to custom homes, and from small commercial TI’s (Tenant Improvements) to all sizes of multi-family and mixed use buildings.

If you have further questions regarding either Mr. Krokover or Newday, then please feel free to contact our office as required.